Licy Be Making Moves | One Last Show

Licy Be is making the leap from Perth to the Gold Coast, QLD!

So why the move?

We all know 2018 is just around the corner, and with a new year comes new opportunities.

Licy Be is in the process of signing a contract with a booking agency, lining up a roaring 80 shows on the horizon for 2018! Combining her music & suicide prevention/mental health background to bring you an inspirational new show as she gears up to tour Australia next year!

The Gold Coast offered a closer & let's be honest, sunnier place to set up camp and record from. With that many shows on the way, why not move closer to the homeland & the action!

Perth has been an incredible place for Licy as she made her home here, and gave a part of her heart to those all around the State. This move was not an easy decision and there are many she wishes she could pack up and take with her, but for now let's hope Perth is on the tour itinerary so you can squeeze in a show & a couple of coffees at Yelo when she's back!

Licy Be has one last show & going away party thang happening this weekend! Sat 28th Oct 17, 4-6pm at Universal Bar to those that want to get down and say goodbye, would love to see you there!

Please stay tuned to hear more!

Peace & Love

Licy Be

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